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Amazing Floor Designs to Spark Your Creativity Part III

Your home is a direct reflection of your personality, your hobbies, your lifestyle, and your story. With that in mind, it is important that you make sure your home is telling the right story about you. While there are plenty of ways that you can spruce up your home with decorations, new paint jobs, better […]

Amazing Floor Designs to Spark Your Creativity Part II

Floors can be pretty boring. It’s a part of the home that is so integral to the overall aesthetic appeal and style of your home, yet it is also a part of the home that is often overlooked. Most home owners feel that they should stick to generic designs and leave the creativity to the […]

Amazing Floor Designs to Help Spark Your Creativity

Look… We love flooring,¬†and we have the privilege of getting to use it day in and day out as a vehicle for improving people’s homes and lives. But, flooring can be a pretty boring topic to blog about. Don’t lie, you have probably thought the same thing. While we can continue to write up posts […]