Tile Cleaning Vacuums

In last week’s article we started delving into the best type of vacuum to purchase for your current flooring set up. We discussed the difference between tile and multi purpose vacuums and how to decide between the two.

This week we will introduce two more styles for you to check out, and finish up this article series next week with a recap and review of the best vacuums on the market place.

Steam Mops for Tile Flooring

If spending copious amounts of time every week mopping and drying your tile flooring is not for you, then a steam mop is the best solution.

Most steam mops are fairly simple including a heating element, water tank, and replaceable mopping pad. They are easy to use and low hassle with easily refillable water tanks and functions that clean and sanitize the floors, many of them without the need for any sort of cleaning liquid.

A Vacuum and a Mop in One

If you are among the exceptionally efficient (or just lazy, no judgement here we’re the same way), the investing in a good tool that can both vacuum and mop is ideal for you.

Most of them offer the function of vacuuming only, gently brushing the floor with tile safe scrub heads, and using the vacuum function to leave the floor dry or nearly dry with no problems what so ever.

So now the choice is up to you, choose and choose wisely. You have the information that you need based off of your current flooring to pick between one of these four styles, and next week we will help you decide which specific devices to pick within each style.

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