Selecting the Right Vacuum for Your Tile Floor

Look, cleaning and vacuuming are not exactly enjoyable chores. Most of us wish that we could build robots to do it instead of us, and some of us have simply pawned of the job to our kids because quite frankly, “A’int nobody got time for that!”

However, if you are still one of those brave, hardworking souls vacuuming the home, then you may be wondering what is the best vacuum to buy? It can be quite an investment and you don’t want to choose poorly.

So we decided to help.

For Tile Flooring You Basically Have Two Options

Multi-surface Vacuums:

Great if you have carpet and hardwood or tile, this is a cost effective and good alternative to a regular tile vacuum, however if you forget to switch modes you risk dirtying your hardwood more, or worse, damaging it permanently.

So make sure that if you opt for this that you turn off the rotating brush whenever you transition to hard wood or tile, this will prevent the brush from spreading dirt all over the floor and more importantly will help prevent any damage to your floors.

Tile Vacuum:

These vacuums are designed specifically for hard surfaces, they are lightweight, easy to store, move, and use, and do not have any sort of damaging rotator brush.

However, the obvious downside is that you cannot use them on carpet.

Next week we are going to take a look at some cool alternatives to a mop and bucket and maybe even make some brand recommendations for your next purchase so be sure to stay tuned J

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