The Pros Guide to Hardwood Flooring Types Part II

If you are looking into investing in a hard wood floor then it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into and that you understand the basic types of hard wood before you put money down, otherwise you run the risk of making a very expensive and hard (pun maybe intended) financial mistake.

Last week we talked about two types of hard wood flooring: solid and engineerd.

This week we are going to dive into a third type that is a little bit more complex than the others

Acrylic-Impregnated Wood

Acrylic-impregnated wood flooring is a type of hard wood that is infused with a sealant and color throughout the entire body of the wood. Whereas with other types of hardwood floors you would have a finish that is only on the surface of the wood, with Acrylic Impregnated Wood, the finish is infused throughout the entire piece of wood.

However, this type of hardwood is typically used in commercial projects, and is rare to find in residential projects.

The wood is very resilient to damage, moisture, and scratching, making it perfect for commercial buildings looking to up their interior design game while maintaining the integrity of their flooring.

So now the question is; what type of wood should you choose?

Well, we cannot answer that for you however, our suggestion would probably be solid hardwood. While they are a little bit more work on the maintenance side of things, they retain their quality and value far better than engineered wood.

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