Hardwood Flooring Installation

Morris Flooring is dedicated to ensuring your hardwood floor installation is the best quality from start to finish. Many times we receive questions about the process of having hardwood installed. To help with this we have created a website http://morrisflooringinc.com that has a wide range of answers like the ones stated below. You can follow us on our website, social media, or email list. Whatever your choice we will keep you up to date with the most current market trends.


  • Additional Considerations to Install
    • Wood must acclimate inside the home for at least 1 week prior to install
    • Site-Finished floors are sanded after installation. A stain (if desiered) and a coat of finish are applied. NO FOOT TRAFFIC ON THE FLOOR DURING THE STAIN & FINISH PROCESS, INCLUDING PETS
    • A second coat of finish is applied. Once this coat is dry the floors can be walked on
    • Dry time is effected by external environment and can range from approximately 5 hours with water-based finish to upwards of 12 or more for polyurethane finish.
  • Behavior of Wood
    • Wood will continually expand and contract with changes in humidity. Moisture absorption causes wood to expand and moisture loss causes wood to shrink. In Colorado, during winter, the humidity drops along with the temperature. Furnaces pull additional moisture from the wood. This causes shrinking and cracking, a humidifier attached to the heating system at 35-45% is recommended
    • During the summer moisture is replaced back in the air and the wood will absorb it. This will cause the wood to expand to its original size.
    • Filling your wood floor during the winter season, to fill expanding gaps that are a result in the changes in humidity, is not recommended. When the wood expands in summer it could cause boards to warp or force out excess fill. Shrinkage is not a flaw or related to installation. The material is just reacting naturally to changes in moisture levels.
    • All natural wood floors have nature-made characteristics. These characteristics include color variation, growth rings, knot holes and grain variations across the boards. Although the Character variations can be minimized if you desire a “more uniform” floor, it is not possible to guarantee that a natural wood floor will not have some character variations.
    • Exotic species and wide plank floors will have shrinking in Colorado Climate
  • Acclimation
    • Acclimating wood flooring before the installation process allows the wood to adjust to the moisture content of the normal living conditions of a particular location. The wood stabilizes in the normal environment it will be installed in. This will minimize the amount of shrinking and expanding with the changing external environment.
    • The typical time to acclimate wood is 7-10 days. Exotic species may require 2 weeks or more.
    • Generally the floor space required is a 3′ by 8′ area, roughly the size of a sofa. Wood Flooring should be acclimated in the same area as installation, inside the home.
  • Effects of Humidity
    • Cracks and seperation occur in hardwood flooring due to the changes in humidity from winter to summer. This does not mean there is an installation issue. Industry standards allow the cracks in the drier months to measure up to the width of a dime. Lighter stained woods tend to show the cracks more than the darker wood. To help with cracks, it is recommended to add moisture to the air when it is dry. There are several ways to do this:
      • Open the dishwasher after the rinse cycle
      • Add a humidifier to your heater
      • Hang your clothes to dry by the heater



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