What is a Hardwood Floor Radiant Heating System?

Radiant heating systems can be used in a variety of situations. Some people equip their homes with radiant heating systems in the walls, while others use them to heat the hardwood floors. However the system is used, there’s a few things to keep in mind before investing in one. Types – The types of radiant […]

Hardwood Flooring Trends: Strange and Sought After

Trending hardwood materials may not seem like a thing, but there are lot of folks out there who see their flooring as a way of expressing themselves. Several of these trendy materials may push the boundaries on what people see as “normal”. Seeing these materials in action, however, may change a lot of people’s minds. […]

When selling, hardwood floor beats carpet (Part Two)

If you have carpeting covering up your hardwood floors, consider ripping it up before selling it. And if you don’t have wood floors, installing them might be a smart move. As stated in the 1st part of the article there are differences when selling a house flooring can have a large impact. Hardwood was an […]

When selling, hardwood floor beats carpet

Are you planning on taking advantage of Denver’s hot real estate market? If you are doing your preparation here is an interesting article on flooring that might help you make some key sales decisions. If you need new hardwood, refinishing, or just flooring recommendations feel free to contact us today. If you have carpeting covering […]

Caring for my Hardwood floors in Winter

As the holiday season brings in festive lights, good cheer and great memories, we must remember to take extra precautions for the cold weather. While snow, ice and rain can do lots of damage to a hardwood floor, some minor changes to your cleaning routine are all you need to protect your floors against debris, […]

Tips for Keeping Toasty Warm on New Year’s Eve

5 Cold Weather Safety Tips Bundle Up! – Layering insulates the body by creating several pockets of warm air around it, which helps keep the body’s core temperature at its average 98.6°F. The best way to layer is to start with a base layer of tight-fitting thermal materials that wick moisture away from the skin and keep you dry. Avoid […]

May your Holidays be filled with Joy!

Once again it’s that time of the year and holiday season is upon us! As 2015 draws to a close, a look back over the events of the previous twelve months makes it very easy to see that this has been another amazing year for us and our amazing customers. We have been blessed to […]

Morris Flooring – Transformation

Morris Flooring is dedicated to ensuring your hardwood floor installation is the best quality from start to finish. Many times we receive questions about the process of having hardwood installed. To help with this we have created a website http://morrisflooringinc.com that has a wide range of answers like the ones stated below. You can follow us on […]

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors This Winter

Our first potential accumulating snow is in the forecast for this week. Are you prepared at home? Homeowners with hardwood floors are often concerned about damaging their floors during the winter season. Without proper care, winter’s harsh elements — slush, snow and salt — can dull the varnish of hardwood floors and even cause warping […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Morris Flooring

At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. The freedom of this great country in which we live. It’s opportunity for achievement. The friendship and confidence you have shown in us. For all of these things we are deeply thankful. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving   Morris Flooring is dedicated […]