The Best Places to Buy Hardwood Flooring

If you have read our other articles and made the decision that hardwood flooring is right for you, then congratulations, now you are left with just one, tiny issues…

Where in the world do you buy the stuff?

Should you go dumpster diving, hit up a Walmart or what?

Well rest easy because we are going to help you find the best place for you to get your hardwood on.

You are probably going to want to shop around a little bit on your quest for the best. So use our list and check the options out for yourself before investing.

  1. Lowes or Home Depot

The first place to check is your local Lowes or Home Depot.

Both Lowes and Home Depot offer engineered and solid hardwood along with the tools and gear necessary to install it if you want to do that yourself. Know however that Lowes has a slightly smaller collection and you can get the pros to come out and do measurements for you at Home Depot.

  1. Menards

While their online presence is quite dismal, they actually have a large number of stores branching all across the U.S. with some great hardwood options for the new buyer. If you have a location nearby, check them out.

  1. Floor & Décor

With a catchy name like this, Floor and Décor are one of our favorite dedicated retailers with a very easy to use website and a number of stores across the nation.

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