The Best Places to Buy Hardwood Flooring Part III

Over the last couple of weeks, we have started delving into the wonderful world of purchasing hardwood flooring.

Did I say wonderful?

I meant wonderfully painful if you do not know what you are doing. Buying hardwood flooring can be a real hassle, even if you are shopping at the locations we recommend. With that in mind however, it will always be easier at the places we suggest, so here are a few more to help you in your journey to killer wood flooring.

1. Pro Source

Prosource has been around for almost two and a half decades, since 1991,  so you can rest assured that they know the ropes.

Prosource is another amazing online hardwood flooring retailer with a wide selection of amazing products to choose from. However, they are a wholesale store, so while you can check out the products that they offer you will not be able to buy from them directly, you will have to ask your contractor to buy from them first.

2. Greenhome Solutions

This is another wonderful place to buy hardwood for those of you who prefer eco-friendly products. They offer engineered, solid, and reclaimed wood as well as a small range of eco products like Eco Timber and Trestle Wood.

3. Wayfair

Think of Wayfair as the of the hardwood world. They sell over 7 million products from 7,000 different retailers which of course includes hardwood flooring… nearly 2200 products worth of it! They have all of the leading brands and some great offers on top notch flooring, they are definitely worth checking it.


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