Amazing Floor Designs to Spark Your Creativity Part IV

If you are an interior/exterior design enthusiast, then no doubt you have invested loads of time and money into crafting the perfect home.

Your decor is meticulously selected and placed.

Your furniture is grade A+ and carefully positioned throughout the house to make rooms as spacious as possible.

Your landscaping is likely more freshly manicured than the gardens of Versailles.

But what about your flooring?

Whenever individuals or couples are designing their dream room, home, or apartment, one of the key aspects that often gets overlooked is the flooring.

And this is a shame.

If you want your home to be as fresh as possible, and match the creative design filling the rest of the house then you should seriously consider investing in a high-quality creative floor design.

Here are some examples to get your imagination going.

1. Oceanic Floor



If you have a basement or game room on a lower level, then this flooring is absolutely perfect.

Somewhere between a beautiful night sky and a Caribbean ocean lit up by phytoplankton, this design, while not easy or inexpensive, is absolutely breathtaking and will add serious character and charm to whatever room it is put in.

2. Outdoor Stump Flooring


If you have an outdoor area where you do a lot of entertaining or host lots of events and you want to spruce (no pun intended) things up a little bit, then this tree stump outdoor flooring is the way to go.

This can be extremely inexpensive and looks fantastic.

It is almost like something you would see in a forest full of elves, except it is right in your backyard!

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