Amazing Floor Designs to Help Spark Your Creativity


We love flooring, and we have the privilege of getting to use it day in and day out as a vehicle for improving people’s homes and lives.

But, flooring can be a pretty boring topic to blog about.

Don’t lie, you have probably thought the same thing.

While we can continue to write up posts about the best vacuums you can buy, where you should buy your flooring, and methods for preserving the life of your hardwood, this week, we thought we would spice things up a little bit and give you a new article series showcasing some of the coolest and wackiest new floor designs.

While most of these may not be appropriate for your home, they are still entertaining and sometimes mind boggling to look at and wonder how people have pulled them off.

So enjoy!

1. Optical Illusion Floor

Optical illusion flor

If you managed to read this far, I commend you. I would have been too busy examining this crazy floor to even realize I was still reading an article!

There is not much I can say that this picture can’t. This is the perfect flooring for a specialized technology shop or something similar and it is sure to have your guests a little bit on edge when they think they are about to trip!

2. Penny Flooring


Penny Flooring

We all love good ole Abe, but some people seem to love him more than others. Apparently enough to make a whole floor with nothing but pennies!

This is an awesome and unique design that will cost you pennies instead of nickels (I know bad joke) and while it may not be perfect for your home, I am sure there are some speciality shop store owners calling their local bank right now.

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