Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors Part II

While last week we discussed all of the advantages of hardwood floors and how much of an improvement they can be to your home and sense of style around the house, there is also a dark side to hardwood to keep in mind. Keep in mind, we are not here to convince you one way or another, simply to present the facts as they come and allow you to make an educated decision based off of what you read. Enjoy

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors

  1. Harder to Maintain

Hardwood flooring requires regular polishing at least every 3 years to keep its shine and pristine look, and while this may not seem like an issue, polishing can be quite expensive when done professionally, and if you are a pathological procrastinator and dislike taking precautionary measures until it is too late then you may end up ruining your hardwood floor if you forget to get it polished.

  1. More Susceptible to Damage

While carpets are obviously more susceptible to stains and the like, hardwood flooring is much more susceptible to damage from a number of sources.

First of all if you live in an area with any sort of termite issue then you will need your home and floors regularly inspected for and treated for termites to ensure that they do not eat away at your previously impeccable hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are also much more likely to be damaged by water seepage and, especially if you have them in a kitchen with refrigerators and dishwashers, this can be a huge problem that will easily ruin your floors in a flash.

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