8 Common Problems with Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are tricky. They can last years and always receive compliments for their natural looks and feel. On the other hand, when they aren’t cared for, problems can start to arise. The compliments will disappear and the wooden floors won’t make your property look very attractive at all.

Today we’ll highlight eight common problems with wooden floors to be aware of and what causes them. In future blog posts we will look into various cures for each.

Discoloration: Water spills (once off and continuous), urine (from pets), damp material, high traffic, harsh sun light and light deprivation (under rugs/furniture) are the likely reasons for discoloration in your floor.

Note: discoloration is to be expected, we are looking for inconsistent discoloration.

Squeaky boards: It doesn’t take long to notice when an area of your floor boards are squeaking. The issue could be weak nails, weakness in the sub floor system, excess moisture or something tiny has gotten in between the boards you can quickly remove.

Abnormal cracks: If the wooden floor is coated in polyurethane, the boards may be glued together so when shrinkage occurs cracking can result. Other causes could be related to ‘hot spots’, essentially badly insulated heating ducts and hot water plumbing lines that are drying out the wood. There’s a whole bunch of reasons, but the source will usually be nearby, the heating of the fridge motor could be another reason.

Buckled wood: If your wooden floor is buckling, there has likely been some bad installation practices causing extreme moisture issues. This is a serious issue and you’ll want to deal with this swiftly

Peaking: Peaking differs to buckling in that its usually not moisture related. The most common cause is a lack of space around the floor and walls, the floor boards start to push up and out against one another. Alternatively, there could be molding around the perimeter where the wall meets the floor that is fixed meaning the wooden floor boards cannot expand.

Mold and mildew: This occurs when damp air isn’t flowing through the room or any surface moisture isn’t removed right away. While it isn’t the end of the world if caught early, try and keep note of problem areas where surface moisture forms and keep the house well ventilated.

Dents: Dents in your wooden floor are frustrating as they are easily preventable but all it takes is one forgetful moment for a nice ‘can’t miss it’ dent to occur. Refrain from high heels on wooden floors and dropping any heavy items on to/along the floor such as fridges and furniture.

Scratches: As with dents, scratched wooden floors are preventable. The cracks will show up differently depending on the kind of wood used and the coloring. Simply take practical steps to prevent scratching of the floor.

That’s a lot of potential problems right? Wooden floors aren’t for the careless that’s for sure. With a little bit of care, they’ll last many a decade and definitely make your home more Instagram worthy.

Stayed tuned as we’ll look into various cures for your wooden floor problems in the coming weeks.


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