Floating Hardwood Floors: Not Magical

Last week we talked a bit about different flooring methods. One of th e methods mentioned called floating had a bit of a vague definition, so I wanted to elaborate on floating hardwood flooring and how exactly it works. To start, floating hardwood floors are installed by connecting the tongue and groove of each plank […]

Wood flooring Installation Methods

Installing hardwood floors is no simple task. Despite this, there is an organization into how to install them, and knowing the different methods in how they are installed can be important information. The usual visualization when it comes to hardwood floor installation is that it’s back-breaking work. However, methods have developed over time to increase […]

Your Carpet Padding May be Making You Sick

The padding that sits under some carpets sometimes uses chemicals that can seep out and affect the health of your family. Here are a few methods in preventing health problems as well as suggestions for alternatives. Carpet padding is basically foam underlining that sits under your carpet and gives it a bit of bounce. Th […]