Wood flooring Installation Methods

Installing hardwood floors is no simple task. Despite this, there is an organization into how to install them, and knowing the different methods in how they are installed can be important information.

The usual visualization when it comes to hardwood floor installation is that it’s back-breaking work. However, methods have developed over time to increase efficiency. Here are some of them:

Nail Down Method –

This is the most common method of installing hardwood floors. The basics of the process is that the material is nailed or stapled directly to the subfloor. When a professional is installing, they try to aim for the subfloor through the tongues of the floorboards. This keep the nails or staples invisible to the naked eye.

Even then, there are a number of other details to consider when nailing in the floorboards. For example, The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) provides guidelines into the best way to blind-nail flooring.

Glue Down Method –

This method of hardwood flooring installation involves using an adhesive to secure the boards to the subfloor.

There several types of adhesive on the market, but the most common are “moisture-curing urethane” and “synthetic polymer”. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on performance, the type of material they’re being used on, etc. There’s also three important factors to consider before choosing an adhesive, these are:

  • Ease of product use
  • Span of product performance
  • Whether there are any volatile organic compounds present in the installation area

Floating Method –

The third and final method for installing hardwood floors is called “floating.” This method was created in Sweden and usually involves stringing together the floorboards and attaching them tongue to groove. They are then set on the subfloor without any anchoring. This type of method has been found to be ideal for placing hardwood flooring over already existing materials that are hard to remove.

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