Hardwood Flooring Trends: Strange and Sought After

Trending hardwood materials may not seem like a thing, but there are lot of folks out there who see their flooring as a way of expressing themselves.

Several of these trendy materials may push the boundaries on what people see as “normal”. Seeing these materials in action, however, may change a lot of people’s minds.

Bamboo Hardwood Floors

bamboo hardwood flooring morrisBamboo is a staple of construction all over Asia, and for good reason. The tree-like grass is not only fast growing, but its density can change depending on what species of bamboo it is and when it’s plucked for harvest.

For example, some species of bamboo are harvested between 5 and a half to 6 years. The density of this bamboo is typically 25% harder than red oak and 12% harder than North American maple. For stability and longevity, this bamboo would make a great material for a hardwood floor.

Distressed Hardwood Floors

8061316277_65dd7b95ca_kDistressed hardwood flooring adds an artistic element to the mix because of the various patterns and shapes that can form with its use.

The process to produce this type of effect usually involves the planks being “beat up,” which in turn will form the imperfections  or “distressed” nature of the wood.

This type of trendy material specifically appeals to those who enjoy having a floor that looks centuries old.

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

5850316309_839259bd66_bReclaimed hardwood flooring appeals to those with the environmentally friendly mentality.

How come?

Reclaimed planks are created from recycled wood, hence the name.

Another advantage to this type of hardwood floor is that the planks sometimes come from old factories and are made from old growth heartwood, which is considered to be one of the strongest, aesthetic and durable woods out there.

Hardwood flooring can be a staple to the design of your home and compliment the overall look. With that in mind, take a look at what we have to offer.

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