What to Expect When We Show Up

 When We Show Up

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Our Team is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. To help with that we have set some expectations below to help you have the best possible installation of your products. Please ask us questions this will help with the long term care and effectiveness of your investment. Of course we do have additional care and maintenance recommendations – Click here to read about them.

  • All Furnishings must be moved unless Morris Flooring has been contracted to move them. This includes electronics, all items on shelves, on top of furniture and in cabinets. This includes end tables and light chairs.
  • Installation can be completed in as little as one day or it may take several days depending on the size of your job. You can walk on your floors during this process but the less traffic the more efficiently it can be completed.
  • All new flooring will have an odor. Neither is toxic but can be considered unpleasant. If you are sensitive, we recommend you do not stay in the home during the installation process.
  • Equipment will be used and can create considerable noise that cannot be avoided.
  • All flooring projects create dust. We can minimize this with a dust containment barrier at a minimal Charge

When We Leave

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We will do our best to leave your environment clean and no debris or construction material will be left behind. We do clean the product when done. However, as is the case with any flooring there will be continual cleanup and maintenance when we leave. Look to your specific product below to see what you need to know by flooring type. Also read our Care and Maintenance page to see long term maintenance tips based on the flooring you are getting installed – Click here. 



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