How to Prepare Your Wood Floors for Winter

Morris Flooring is continually reaching out with helpful information for long term care and maintenance. As part of this effort we have a new group of blogs coming out for those who live in Colorado for maintaining floors. In the Spring time of year we try to shake off all the dirt and winter issues. […]

Oshkosh Designs © Inlays

Oshkosh Designs © Inlays Morris Flooring Inc installs inlay products from Oshkosh Designs. These design inlays provide unique style to your floor. To see samples of their inlay products please visit the Oshkosh Designs © website. Whether as the room’s focal point or as decorative accents, Oshkosh Designs quality custom medallions, floor décor, commercial flooring and parquet wood flooring allow […]

What to Expect When We Show Up – Morris Flooring

When We Show Up Our Team is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. To help with that we have set some expectations below to help you have the best possible installation of your products. Please ask us questions this will help with the long term care and effectiveness of your investment. Of course […]

New Carpet Installation

Carpet Removing Old Flooring In order to install the new carpet, the contractors will have to rip up the old flooring. This will create a bit of a mess for a short time, and there will most certainly be dust floating around, especially if you have pre-existing carpet that is being removed. So if you […]

How to Tell If a Hardwood Floor Needs to Be Refinished

Cracks between planks can help you determine the thickness of the floor. High-quality hardwood floors increase the value of a home, so check yours regularly to make sure they are in good repair. Wooden floors can be deceptive. Discolorations, scratches and dings on your hardwood floors don’t necessarily mean the wood needs to be refinished […]

Vinyl Flooring Care Tips – Morris Flooring

EASY CARE STEPS FOR VINYL FLOORS To keep the lasting shine and fresh feel of your investment for as long as possible, we recommend that you: DO Wipe up spills as soon as possible. Remove dried spills with Ceramic Floor Cleaner. Wash your floor occasionally with Ceramic Floor Cleaner. Use Extra-Strength Floor Stripper for heavy […]

Laminate Flooring Information – The Good News

Laminate flooring is a relatively new invention which has taken the world of floor surface covering by storm. Versatile, easy to maintain, and reasonably priced, some people consider this a “super material.” However there are a number of drawbacks when it comes to laminate flooring. It is important to understand the good, the bad, and […]

Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself?

You’ll save money by refinishing your own hardwood floors, but the risk to your floors may not be worth it. Hardwood floors have two big advantages over other types of flooring: They’re a timeless mix of beauty and durability that pair with any design. 2. If your hardwood floors get worn and scuffed, chances are good […]

Is it time to upgrade your entry way?

Morris Flooring is the premier flooring company in the Broomfield and Thornton area. Have you had a creative project that you have wanted to start on but unsure of what it will take to get the end result? Our team works with you to ensure that you have all of the information and needed help […]